Art | Art Crush!

Hello and happy Valentine's Day! I hope everyone is doing fabulous today :) I have some lovely art to show all of you...

The top row shows a few adorable illustrations by a young Italian illustrator named Laura Di Francesco. She has an etsy shop called PesceRosso where she sells prints of her work for children.
The bottom row shows a peek at Helmut Lang's installations. After retiring from fashion design in 2005, he has since moved on to creating "fashion sculptures" by shredding his archives and using the destroyed clothing as an art material. Very cool. Check out his website.

I hope you feel a little inspired now! Have a wonderful day :)


  1. Gorgeous!
    This is the first time I visit your blog.
    But I will anyway compliment you for your beautiful pictures.
    Such an inspring blog ;)

    Have a nice day